Kind gestures

I had a nice early morning out and about. It is good for mamas (for anyone) to get out for a bit. It's a simple hour that I spend downtown and I thrift my heart out. It's a bit rushed, but it feels perfect to me. The day has yet to become hot, so I walk down the sidewalk with a chilly breeze meeting me. 

I live by the idea of planting seeds. I find that the smallest gestures of kindness can change an entire element. It works a bit like a domino effect and only stops when someone ceases to pass it on (you will never know when this happens, but that is not for you to worry about). And, it makes me feel good, quite honestly. 

I smile at everyone who passes: the Spanish-speaking woman with her children, the woman who is always talking to herself, the man who was so shocked by my kindness to the point where he just starred at me in disbelief. 

I say, "good morning," and often don't get a reply. I think this is because so many people don't expect it anymore. We are busy. We are awkward. We are shut in. 

Remember to smile–to say, "hello," to compliment the checkout clerk. Your kindness may reach a thousand miles away.

Happy day, friends. Friday, it is.

Family and news, news, news

Hello, hello, friends! I'm so excited to share that I've been asked to post regularly over at What To Expect. They have a lovely blog there with all kinds of mamas and papas coming together to share tidbits of the every day (and not so every day) when it comes to rearing up our little ones and so much more. Anything from calculating your due date to how to resolve that inevitable toddler nose-picking business (I'll save face and not tell you how Elspeth has recently discovered her nostrils) to ideas for Summer fun...

You can find my recent post here where I share all about how raising up two babes that are nine-years apart has been the best little blessing we could have hoped for.

All my love!

Weekends always

I can't decide if I like Saturdays or Sundays the best. Really, I think there should always be three days to a weekend. Two go by so fast and we spend too much of our Sundays thinking about how the weekend will be over soon. I call for three days, always. Who's with me?

Remember this little post from so many moons ago? I snagged up the sweetest little babe dress from a local Mennonite market and now my toddler is running laps in it. Such sweet memories.

My weekend boasts cookouts, cleaning, cooking, friends, frozen yogurt, and family. So far, I've managed a morning nap and a long snuggle in bed with my fella while our oldest was outside playing and our little one napped. Don't forget to find the quiet moments–even if the quickest–to savor a good conversation.

Let's get the weekend started.

My dress: c/o Voodoo Vixen

18 month old Elspeth

A year and a half and my heart could not be more proud. Yet, I am quite sure it will be, because, each day, I somehow manage to love you more. Your personality is so big. You are a strong and powerful storm with refreshing rains, cooling winds, and a rainbow to end.

You are busy and brave and always want to walk. You are my climber–atop of tables everywhere. You are friendly and happy and do not fright over much. 

You hold an overflowing handful of words. When you learned, "bird," everything that day was a, "bird." You found a stuffed redbird in your toy bin and ran to your books to find the one that had a tiny picture of a red bird. You brought them both to me to show me and I absolutely melted at the connection you made–at the connections you make.

When rocking before bed, you want to cuddle a book and then somehow manage to keep it in your arms as you snuggle it in your crib. It doesn't matter that it is likely uncomfortable–it is what you love and what you want.

You adore being in your highchair and a good episode of Baby Einstein. If the mop is left out, you mop the house. Alas, you make the most amazing messes I have ever seen.

Those around you spill over with laughter as you make the silliest faces and smile nonstop. Your sense of humor is bright and clear as you grin and roll your eyes or walk into my eyesight, make crazy eyes, and then walk out of my eyesight once more.

You're my girl–my red-haired twin. I'll take you–messes and storms and laughter and all.
Happy year and a half, my love.

The beauty of it all

It was the perfect way to end a three-day weekend–a beautiful potluck on the farm. We reconnected with old friends and made many new ones. Lots of laughter, banjo and guitar, cool grass under our feet, and a great deal of time spent chasing around the most curious toddler and making sure our ten-year-old didn't run off to the creek without our knowing. 

So much beautiful land, gardens, food (not to mention, the best fresh falafel in town), and wonderful individuals all piled into one spot to keep each other company. We were lucky to have been there to share in the enjoyment and be part of such a dynamic community.

xoxo, weekend.