A reason to celebrate

We had a wonderful kickoff to Easter weekend. We spent the afternoon with good friends, feasting, egg hunting and coloring, and following around a two-year-old who's nose is running faster than her legs. 

It's a bit chilly for April, but the clouds cleared and there was plenty of sugar-inducing and laughing to keep our minds on the fact that we've got it pretty darn good . . .

As of late

Some major cabin fever.
A change in the weather, favoring some warmer days.
Loud music playing through the house––Adele's Pandora. Yes, please.
Late dinners and late nights (ohhh, time change).
Reading the Harry Potter series once again. This time, aloud to Everyn.
Spring cleaning, even with snow on the ground. I still vote that we should bump the holidays a month or two, so that the weather will fit like when we were young.
Long, crisp-sheets naps.
The last of boot-wearing weather.
Long walks.

Happy Ides of March, dears.

Snow day

It started snowing last night and continued through the morning. We woke up to a world of white a snow day. We covered in layers and trudged out bravely. Somehow, it's a treasure every time: snow-covered bushes, landscapes of gray, green, and white, and figuring out if the snow is wet and heavy or light and powdery.

In for the abhorred peeling off of the layers, we treated ourselves to hot chocolate and soup. Brother's back out already. Sister's napping... Daddy is working from home, next to me, rapping, "Man, it feels good to be a blogger" in the tune of Geto Boys' song. Humph.

Happy [snow] day, friends!

A 2nd birthday

We gathered our loved ones over the weekend to celebrate Elspeth turning two. We had been telling her about it for days ahead and she would ask about it often. We'd go through the list of guests and planned events and she'd giggle a deep, squeeze-fists laugh and it was just about the best thing.

This girl was beside herself with all the fun and love and she probably didn't stop running (and sneaking cupcakes) the entire time. She was happy as can be and we've got a pile of balloons big enough to fill her room from floor to ceiling (which she would love).

Happy birthday, my winter babe.


Animal masks printed from the House that Lars Built.
Ice cream cone cupcakes and wrapped box container both from Put Together // homemade cupcake recipe or boxed cake mix both work!
Balloon sticks can be found at most party or craft stores. I got them at Hobby Lobby.
I made the banner with twine and paper doilies: here and here.
Party hat inspired by this one found at the Hunted Interior // I wrapped a traditional party hat in white wrapping paper for this one and hot-glued faux flowers and twigs.
Treat boxes were "sacks-n-things" to-go boxes found at Hobby Lobby (not currently sold online) that I decorated with washi tape.  

2 year old Elspeth

My girl, my girl. Two-years-old. I can't decide if I'm more shocked now than when you turned one or if I have grasped that we age, we grow, we change, and you have changed so little and so very much all at once.

Your squeal is infectious. You gasp every time you see something you love (and every time you open a gift––the holidays were a real treat) and your laugh is strong and powerful––all that adorable round belly.

You have the strength of a lion and the silliest, kindest heart to know. Everything you do is big and watching you grow is my gift––absolutely. 

I imagine you older, delighting many with that exploding smile and personality and removing obstacles as though they were feathers floating in the wind about you.

Thank you for teaching me determination and for making me laugh––guffaw in the best way. Thank you for reminding me to love with every fiber of my being, and that frosting truly is the best part of the cake. Truly.

Happy two, daughter,
blessing, friend.

Cake recipe from Add a Pinch.
Frosting recipe also from Add a Pinch (My adaption: adding one cup less sugar and two tablespoons pure maple syrup). 
Amazing video tutorial on how to create a naked cake from Superfine Bakery
(I added the pine as decoration and wrapped the the stem of the top sprig with tape to keep the cake itself clean).
Sean made the party hat, but you can find a great templet at Oh Happy Day
We made the balloon flowers without a template, but there is an adorable one at all things simple