Carols, carols

Hello, hello, friends! If you're still scrambling like I am, you don't want to know that "it" is right around the corner. If you're all ready, then even more reason to celebrate! While you are finishing up wrapping (or just starting!), baking, cooking, planning, cleaning, and, most importantly, enjoying family and friend and just being together...

go here to listen to our Christmas carols from past years to listen to along the way. Enjoy, enjoy, and let us know what you think.

As always,

all our love,

Sean and Amanda

Pretty pine

This year, I hung a fresh pine branch from the front door. It's so lovely and wasn't hard to make at all. I tied it up with a thick twine, strung cranberries to drape over it, and slow-baked orange slices for ornaments. 

The oranges: slice thinly, arrange on cookie sheet, place in preheated oven at about 150-175 degrees. Bake slowly for three-four hours. Just keep an eye on them, flipping them once an hour or so. After cooled, I poked a small hole in each and slipped twine through to tie a knot.

If you haven't made a fresh strand of cranberry garland, you must. It's as simple as sewing through the middle for as long of a strand as you like!

Happy holiday season!


Welcome, welcome, December. I love this time of year so much. It always stirs in me the desire to get making. Busy, busy hands.

I've spent the last month picking up little ornaments, trinkets, candies, and toys for a grand collection to hang from a pine tree branch for our advent calendar. It was all a big surprise. Everyn is beside himself and Elspeth pointed at it, opened her morning gift of a little, stuffed mouse, and promptly threw it with real, holiday-style attitude . . .

Happy, happy December. This month brings a whole load of happy things!

Taking it in

Dear Autumn,

You bring the freshest, chillest air that tickles our noses and roses are cheeks.
You demand we wear sweaters, light fires, or bundle in blankets.
We are greeted by the most beautiful colors anyone could imagine.

You whisper about upcoming holidays that cause the uppermost excitement.
 Every year, you never fail.

Thank you for that.


We took advantage of the gorgeous that is fall and the beautiful blanket of sunlight this weekend and snuck in some family photos. Elspeth officially likes to plop down in the biggest pile of leaves and Everyn doesn't mind helping her up when she can't get out from under their cover.

Enjoy these last couple of weeks if they're still with you, friends!


Elspeth's sweater c/o Feltman Brothers

Weekends and seasons

Saturday morning.

I'm not letting go of fall just yet. The chilliest of mornings are creeping in and bundling is now a necessity. Colorful leaves on the ground are almost as lovely as when in the trees.

Although, I've got my sights set on Everyn being home from school, a tree up and lit, and carols all. day. long.

Lovely, lovely weekend!