Taking it in

Dear Autumn,

You bring the freshest, chillest air that tickles our noses and roses are cheeks.
You demand we wear sweaters, light fires, or bundle in blankets.
We are greeted by the most beautiful colors anyone could imagine.

You whisper about upcoming holidays that cause the uppermost excitement.
 Every year, you never fail.

Thank you for that.


We took advantage of the gorgeous that is fall and the beautiful blanket of sunlight this weekend and snuck in some family photos. Elspeth officially likes to plop down in the biggest pile of leaves and Everyn doesn't mind helping her up when she can't get out from under their cover.

Enjoy these last couple of weeks if they're still with you, friends!


Elspeth's sweater c/o Feltman Brothers

Weekends and seasons

Saturday morning.

I'm not letting go of fall just yet. The chilliest of mornings are creeping in and bundling is now a necessity. Colorful leaves on the ground are almost as lovely as when in the trees.

Although, I've got my sights set on Everyn being home from school, a tree up and lit, and carols all. day. long.

Lovely, lovely weekend!

Bits about the house

Happy, happy Veterans Day! We're enjoying a bit of family at home. Windows and doors open, reading and relaxing, a bit of work, and a shirtless babe, just long enough for me to snap a photo...

The sunshine is something special today, pouring into every pane of glass. I'm through the roof that Damien Rice has finally created something new and his pretty music is filling the house. You can listen to his new album streaming on NPR right now. Gah! We used to listen to his first album back in 2002 while I was still pregnant with Everyn. It was one of his favorite albums as a little babe. Swoon!


Happy Halloween

I hope everyone had the happiest of Halloweens! Everyn was the headless horseman and he was determined to get his "head" filled to the brim (we would have had to trick or treat for days on end). I told him if he was going to be the headless horseman, he had to know the story. And, so, I gave him the juicy rundown. It was of utmost importance that he kept his hood up for the duration of the evening (no head, see), which led to walking into things and tripping all about (what's a mama to do after suggesting losing the hood one-hundred times?) He looked pretty snazzy, if you ask me.

Elspeth was the sweetest mime that ever walked all of Pennsylvania. She's pretty quiet around strangers, so it worked out fairly well . . . If you've never seen a babe in suspenders, you've not fully lived. She really seemed to get it this year, but was fully content with holding a bag of pretzels to snack on between houses. Halfway through the night, her hat and gloves were tossed to the side and her makeup was rubbed here and there. She was a real delight.

The weather was perfectly chilly, but not too cold and I've been eating way too much candy for the last couple of days. 

Here's to November!

Holiday: one.

It is all running around, preparing for Halloween, and making sure we've got every last detail in place, while still being as sure as we can to enjoy the little moments and not worry about last minute blunders. We've got smudged face makeup on a toddler and 4pm custome-addition requests from the eleven-year-old (uhh, no). 

Everyone is smiling with homemade soup in their bellies and ready to go walk through the chilly night and stuff themselves with as much candy as they can. After, we'll do our tradition of ordering in and watching "scary" movies.

Happy Halloween, all!


"Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble."