Happiness - always

Seeing this little one happy is just about the best thing ever. She teaches me some good lessons on how to see life. She is unbelievably glad when we fully understand something she says or when she discovers something new. At times, it's as simple as handing her a spoon to play with or a pen and paper to draw. Her eyes widen and she smiles, so delighted. 

That's life, right there. Nothing big. Nothing expensive. Nothing perfect. Just choosing to find happiness in seeing life as a pile of tiny, sometimes nearly missed, adventures and discoveries: a hot cup of tea on a chilly morning, a flood of sun into a room, a strangers smile.

And, if that's not enough, we've been a little addicted to Pharrell's 24 hours of happy over here lately. Give it a go!


We've made it through the first week of school and are welcoming in the wonderful month of September. Saying goodbye to warm days and slower-paced schedules isn't easy, but it just means the welcome of so many other amazing things. Here's to September and the coming goodness.

Chilly mornings and evenings
A cup of coffee on the back porch
Open windows
New school friends
Fall garden blooms
The thought of holidays
Everything pumpkin
Changing leaves
Apple orchards

And, messy-haired, baby bed-heads are welcome always.

Good lookin' and a good dad

Hey, friends! I'm over at What to Expect today, sharing some tidbits on what an awesome fella and dad Sean is. This guy blows me away on a daily basis. A lot of us gals can call ourselves the luckiest and that may be true for each of us in our own way. He's definitely made for me and I'm thankful for our team-parenting.

Take a peek and let me know what you think! 
And, if you missed my first post, it's right over here


A week away

We closed out the summer with a week tucked away at the National Harbor. We watched and listened to the sounds of the river and buried our feet in the sand.

Elspeth had her first ride on a carousel and fell in love. Lions and elephants, please. Sean took Everyn on the ferris wheel to see the fireworks and us girls kept her feet firmly on the ground.

Walks through town, giant cupcakes, long pool-swims...

Until next time, Summer. You were lovely.

Afternoon affair

Sharing eclairs and sipping caramel lattes made with coconut milk seemed like a good way to spend our Sunday. I love this little coffee shop with a scratch bakery and chocolate bars–from the bean to the bar and wrapped right there. I need to eat all of it.

After, we went to visit the horses, barn cats, and walk along the creek. Sometimes, a little trip without an errand is a nice way to spend an afternoon.

Happy Sunday, everyone!